Universal Induction Inc

Induction Heat Treating

Universal Induction Inc, since 1995, is a privately held company that will induction heat treat metal parts manufactured by outside companies.

Induction heat treating is a precise and complex technology. Universal Induction Inc will perform high-tech, quality work not readily available in the tri-state area.

Induction heat treat customers are not just looking to have their materials hardened, they are also looking for different microstructure, strength and physical properties on the material.


Induction Heat Treating

Universal Induction Inc provides state of the art induction equipment to induction heat treat a variety of part such as shafts, rollers, pins, gears, bearings, etc.

Universal Induction, Inc. capabilities include power supplies from 40-KW up to 250-KW radio frequency (RF) and solid state. Our specialized system can harden 1/4″ diameter up to 6″ diameter pins made from medium high to high carbon and alloys steel. This system can harden a localized area up to 36″ long or entire length, case depth ranging from 0.010″ to 0.500″ can be achieved to meet customer specifications.

Another capabiity is a complete precision scanner for hardening a wide variety of parts. The scanners feature models with two spindle towers for high volume production.

Universal Induction Inc also features a lift and rotate table which was specially designed to harden high volume gears and rollers.

Our metallurgical laboratory is under the supervision of a graduate metallurgist. The lab is completely equipped with the latest testing instruments and machines to accurately perform all testings and inspection operations. SPC is used throughout the process to guarantee our quality.

Universal Induction Inc is committed to providing the highest standard of quality in all aspects of induction heat treating. Universal Induction, Inc. is ISO9001:2008 Certified.

We strive for perfection by working together toward continuous improvements in all areas of the business.

Universal Induction Inc is offering our customers the highest level of quality heat treating at a competitive price with an emphasis on timely delivery.


Induction Heat Treating


Induction Heat Treating
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